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Reports guide- and dead-lines (7 January)

Reports guide- and dead-lines (7 January)

by Destercke Sebastien -
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Dear all,

First, happy new year from Florian and me to all of you.

After discussions, we decided to set the deadline for reports on the paper you have chosen to the 7th of January (no delay, as we have to read them). You can send us the reports (preferably in .pdf format) by electronic mail, to both of us.

Regarding the report itself, I remind you that it should be at most 6 pages and be readable (at least 11pt font, reasonable margins, single or double-columns, etc.). It should be clear, and address the following points to some extents:

  • What is the paper about?
  • What problems/challenges are tackled in the paper, and why are they relevant?
  • What are the paper key points that one should remind? What is the meat of the paper, and what are minor aspects that one could skip in a first read (not necessary to detail those)?
  • To which extent have you understood the paper technically (can be shown through various means, such as detailing some aspects or providing illustrative figures/examples not present in the original paper). Note that we do not necessarily expect you to understand every aspects of every papers, but we expect you to be able to re-express some of the technical points in your own phrasing, and to be able to explain them.
  • (optional) What problems the paper should have adressed that it does not? What are the (potential) deficiencies of the apper? It can either be perspectives (unsolved problems) or missing items (studies that would have increased the paper quality)

In particular, your report should not be a reduced copy-past of the paper, but should have a content similar to personal note you would do to summarize/understand the paper (with a more formal flavour than a personal note), or to explain it to someone outside the field that still has a reasonable mathematical background.

Best regards and good reading

Sebastien and Florian