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Some information about thursday exam

Some information about thursday exam

by Destercke Sebastien -
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Dear all,

Thanks for having given us your reports about the papers you had to read. Here are some information about thursday:

  • Poster will be displayed in GI42 lobby (next to the classroom, in the hall)
  • Since there are 7 papers and 120 minutes, we will spend roughly 15 minutes by posters, not necessarily (but possibly) together Florian and me
  • The idea is to interact with you about the paper and the poster content, and not necessarily to proceed in a presentation-then-questions way
  • We will invite colleagues to come and check your posters. They will be able to ask you questions, but will not take part in the evaluation.
  • Interactions can be in english or french, you are free to choose.

See you on thursday!