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Last week of AOS04: some information

Last week of AOS04: some information

by Destercke Sebastien -
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Dear all,

I wish you all the best for the year to come.

I hope your vacations went well, even if they were probably a bit studious.

Here are some reminders about next week course:

* Remember that the last course will be held in GI42, including the poster session

* For the moment, the replies to the online moodle survey indicate that we will start at 8:15, as the majority prefers it (since we have two options, Arrow's theorem does not apply). There is still time to answer it (7 replies so far)

* The posters should present the paper purpose as well as technical aspects of it. If in paper (or other hard format such as cardboard), they should be in A1/A0 formats to facilitate the reading, but you are free to innovate in the way you will present it. They can be printed, drawn by hand, etc... The format does not really matter, as long as they are readable from a reasonable distance (say at least 1 meter from it) and present the main elements of the paper in a structured way.

Looking at scientific posters from conferences or advices on the web (a simple "how to make a good scientific poster" google search will give you some interesting links) may help.

* You will receive instructions as to how submit your final report soon.

See you soon