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AOS04 to start next week.

AOS04 to start next week.

by Destercke Sebastien -
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Dear all,

AOS04 will start next week. There are some changes this year:

  • Khaled Belahcène, expert in multi-criteria decision making, joins the teaching team and will give the course on part 2. He is much more knowledgeable on the topic that I am, has quite impressive pedagogical skills, and is at least as fun as me. So this should be good.
  • Florian De Vuyst will unfortunately (as his part is understandably pretty popular) only give 4 hours of teaching (due to work overload), meaning you will have an additional course on uncertainty modelling (most probably on possibility theory and learning).

Evaluation will remain the same (with the poster presentation possibly going virtual but with the possible use of quite fun tools! more on that when we have decided).

Regarding teaching, we will do our best given the circumstances, knowing that this best depends pretty much on time, technical constraints, technological knowledge, etc. so you should hope for the best, but not expect it. You will received connection information from each teachers some days before the course.

Take care of yourselves in this second lockdown.