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Next courses - some updates (Florian unavailable)

Next courses - some updates (Florian unavailable)

by Destercke Sebastien -
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Dear students,

Unfortunately, some issues are preventing Florian to give his part of the courses.

For you, this does not change a lot of things, except that

  • you will have more of me and Khaled (feel free to internally react to this as you wish), as each of us will give you, on this thursday, two hours more of courses (8 to 10: me, 10 to 12: Khaled);
  • while you can still take multi-objective papers to read and comment, there will be no course about this issue (as we are unable to efficiently cover Florian material in a satisfactory way). Florian has put the material on the website, though. This also means that nothing prevents you now from picking papers. 

Sorry for this troubled ASO04, that is a bit chaotic this year, but we wanted to follow the yearly trend ;).

Best regards