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Final evaluation details

Final evaluation details

by Destercke Sebastien -
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Dear all,

here are some details about the final evaluation

Poster session:

  • Send me your (technical) poster before wednesday noon, in electronic format (no printing needed this year)
  • Poster session will be from 9 am till 12 am, in the virtual room
  • Interaction will consist in us watching your poster and asking questions. We may end up asking you to  make a summary of the poster to us, but this will not be automatic
  • We expect every member of the group to be present, as this is an evaluation.
  • You are encouraged to visit other people posters during the session

Report submission:

  • submission should be done by one member of the group through the website
  • submission should be done by the 15th of January, 00:00 French time. Note that at this time the submission website will automatically close
  • the report should be a 6 page summary of the original paper. It goes without saying that we will be more attentive to the pedagogical quality if the summary concerns a 8 page paper than if it concerns a 30 pages paper (in short, if the effort required to compress the paper is small, we expect some more efforts to be spent on other aspects).

Remember that we will meet as usual at 8:15 for some final questions/remarks/comments/courses, before starting the poster session.

Best of luck for this last stretch!

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Re: Final evaluation details

by Deutschmann Patrick -
Dear Sébastien,

Thank you for the information. I presume you mean the 15th of January as the deadline for the report submission? Or should we already have submitted it?

Kind regards,
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Re: Final evaluation details

by Destercke Sebastien -
Thanks for spotting the mistake, now corrected in the text. It is the 15th of January.