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About the work assignment: some details

About the work assignment: some details

by Destercke Sebastien -
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Dear all,

Just to fix some ideas about the paper and what we ask you about that (as I had different questions about it):

* You can pick the paper you want, or propose one of your own. Whenever a team has picked a paper (you make the team, you pick your paper), this paper is off the list (first come, first served)

* In case you do not find an electronic version of the paper (through different means), we can provide you one.

* The two tasks we then ask you to perform have different natures:

  • The illustration part (report, video, notebook, ...) should be aimed at a non-expert audience (fellows students of other disciplines, your non-academic aunt). Typically think of the courses you have followed that you found the clearest/most pedagogical in your student life, or the tutorials you found the most illuminating, and try to apply the same recipe to (part of) your paper content. This part should be handed to us (as a link, a document, etc...) before the 14th of January.

  • The poster part should make a synthetic summary of the most important parts of the paper, and be aimed at a more technically astute, expert audience. The two last hours of the course (6 January) will be a poster show of the various groups. The posters should preferably be in A0 form (use the university facilities to print them --> again, ask your fellow students). We will go from posters to posters, asking questions to the various groups.
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Re: About the work assignment: some details

by Destercke Sebastien -
Just an additional small note about the chosen papers: it goes without saying that we will take account of the paper difficulty when judging what you have done.

This means that we will expect more from a smaller/easier paper then from more difficult ones. For instance, if you have chosen a paper we partially covered in the course, just copy/pasting some of the course components related to this paper will not be sufficient.