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Next two weeks (course on wednesday, program to be determined on monday)

Next two weeks (course on wednesday, program to be determined on monday)

by Destercke Sebastien -
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Dear AOS04 students,

First, let us wish you a happy new year. We hope you could spend some enjoyable time during the vacations.

This is a small message about the next two courses for AOS04, and their content:

  • Wednesday 4th January (that will be a "monday" according to UTC) will be a standard course ensured by Khaled on multi-objective/multi-criteria optimisation.
  • Monday 9th of January (first part). We will spend the first part of the course by presenting the works done by the various groups on their chosen paper, when those can be presented. Note that since the main goal is illustrative, we would expect most questions to come from students, not especially from us. To prepare the session, each group should let us know during this week (preferably on wednesday, and certainly before friday so that we can organize the last session):
    • What is the medium (presentation, video, website, etc.) the group will use or has chosen to illustrate the paper.
    • What would be the (approximate) time needed to present it?
  • Monday 9th of January (second part). If the time allows for it, the second part of the session will be devoted to general discussion, commentary and open questions about the course. If no specific questions emerge from this part, we will either elaborate on some aspects of the course or do some exercices (e.g., by picking up some of those proposed by you).

Best regards,

Sébastien and Khaled