This module introduces recent developments of Critical Political Economy. Throughout the reading of leading theorists, we will contrast the invariants of capitalism with the specificities of neoliberalism, crisis dynamics and the politico-institutional unfolding of globalization. Some insights about social, political and ecological contradictions and the mutation of productive forces will also be discussed.

The sessions are dedicated to the presentation and discussion of a selection of books’ extracts and articles. Reading the texts in bold is required, reading more is better. Because the course will not allow to explore the details of the texts, it is a pre-condition to engage with the arguments.

For the evaluation, the students have to write a brief essay (3 pages) based on the presentation of one original stylized fact (a graph) designed to corroborate (or challenge) one theoretical insight discussed in the course. The essay should explicit the motivations, the technicalities of the elaboration of the stylized fact and a discussion of its interpretation.