This course will be in different modules, each of them introducing a particular aspect of decision theory. This year will be divided into three modules:

  • Decision under uncertainty (S. Destercke, 10h)
  • Multi-criteria decision-making and preferences (S. Destercke, 10h)
  • Multi-objective optimisation (F. Devuyst, 10h)

Evaluation will be as follows: by groups of at most 3 students, each group will

  • pick a scientific paper, either from the given list or proposed by the students (and validated by the teachers);
  • read it and understand it;
  • deliver a report explaining the paper in at most 6 pages (this can be through examples, implemented simulation, but also a consistent summary or any form deemed fit by the students);
  • make a poster about the paper, that they will explain in the last 2 hours of the course.